Rainbow Star Pancakes

We’re huge fans of pancakes in our house, they’re on the breakfast menu two or three times a week, and these colourful little guys were so fun to make! Like most pancake recipes, they’re easy to make and the mixture makes plenty, pop some in the freezer and you’re sorted for future weekend breakfasts in […]

Sensory Play with Rice!

‘Children need the freedom to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity.’- Kay Jamison Harry LOVES this activity! He has spent A LOT of time playing with rice in multiple ways. The images attached to this post have been taken on just two occasions where Harry has enjoyed using rice- one with […]

Homemade Crunchie Rocks

‘There’s no sincerer love than the love of food’ What a treat this honeycomb was to make! It was very quick and easy to make and one lot from this recipe made LOADS of honeycomb pieces- more than I knew what to do with! So why Honeycomb? Well my most recent ‘sweet treat’ obsession has […]

Things that made August Great!

‘August is like the Sunday of Summer’ So what made August great? Many things really. August has been a month full of things to be grateful of. We, on the Isle of Man are still considered a ‘safe haven’, a place that is living freely, without restrictions- Very lucky I know! Here’s a few more […]


‘Play is not a luxury, play is a necessity’ Kay Jamison Archaeolojelly Preparation Time: 24 hours Engagement: 50 minutes!Clean up: 15 minutesWaste: 2 packets of jelly Resources 2 packets of sugar free Jelly (different flavours look better) 5 Empty containers A variety of plastic dinosaurs A variety of kitchen utensils Another activity on our ‘Summer bucket list’- Dinosaur Jelly […]

Weetabix Muffins

A muffin for breakfast? Yes please!? I have seen many variations of a Weetabix breakfast online; soaked biscuits, cold milk, warm milk, bars, flavoured…. muffins- why not?! You may have noticed a pattern on this blog… quick/simple/easy is how I like to do things- what toddler mummy doesn’t? So like most other recipes I have […]

Homemade Oreo Ice Cream

When people mentioned making ice cream at home I always pictured big shiny ice cream makers, churners, cooking stuff off… a lot of faff basically! Little did I know that quick and easy- no faff ice cream recipes existed! I have tried this recipe a couple of times now and have tweaked it along the […]

Cereal Dig!

‘Time spent playing as a child is never wasted’ Cereal Dig Preparation Time: 5 minutes Engagement: 45 minutes! Clean up: 10 minutes Waste: None! Resources 2 cups Rolled oats 2 cups Cornflakes 1 cup Readybrek2 Weetabix First on our ‘Summer Bucket’ List was some cereal fun! I had originally planned to do this activity using […]

Summer Bucket List- Toddler Edition

‘Raising children is an adventure, make it one to remember!’ Sitting down to write this ‘Summer Bucket List’ and it has dawned on me… I have spent SOOO much of my time over past summers, in the classroom! Having a toddler this year will be very different to say the least. We had a lot […]

Nutella Banana Bread

Deliciously rich Nutella, super-moist texture, buttery banana and brown sugar flavours, and an incredibly soft crumb- this is my favorite banana bread recipe so far! I collated a few different recipes online to create a ‘best fit recipe’ for our family- minus me as I am REALLY not a fan of bananas, or Nutella as […]


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