Things that made August Great!

‘August is like the Sunday of Summer’

So what made August great? Many things really. August has been a month full of things to be grateful of. We, on the Isle of Man are still considered a ‘safe haven’, a place that is living freely, without restrictions- Very lucky I know!

Here’s a few more reasons why August was great to us…

A New Tuff Tray

Our new Tuff Tray arrived- Wooooo!!! Since borrowing a tray from work over lockdown, I just knew we’d have to invest in our own. We have enjoyed making many messes over the last couple of weeks, I love watching Harry explore, learn and experiment. I’ve come to realise that children do the strangest of things… or is it just Harry?


Now we all no from previous blog posts, I have a newfound love for Gin. What’s the best thing about a new found love? You have to try as many different variations as you can of course!
Fruity ones are definitely the best IMO, I have been really enjoying this ‘Mediterranean Orange’ flavour by Gordon’s- try it, thank me later!


We’ve just finished watching this, it took a while for me to to get into… I was almost ready to give up if i’m honest, but season 3 was really good! It also ended SO WELL. I’m now really looking forward to watching the next season!

Flake cornettos

Random… yes, but these bad boys are SO underrated! I won’t embarress myself by sharing how many of these I have eaten over the month of August, but lets just say I have had my ‘fair share’.

The Wildlife Park

Are you even a Manx parent if you don’t visit the Wild Life Park weekly? We have an annual pass for our local wildlife park, we visit most weeks, sometimes more than once.
Harry isn’t overly fussed about the animals if i’m honest, he does like the monkeys and the ducks, but mostly the fact he can roam free and explore without hearing; ‘No, be careful, slow Down, wait, don’t run etc. I don’t blame him really!

‘SuperManx’ Long Bank Holiday Weekend

To celebrate our incredibly hardworking Keyworkers, and our ‘Covid Free’ island, we had a long bank holiday weekend- 4 days, Friday-Monday, toward the end of August.
There were many community events being held across the island, events that aimed to bring communities together, help support local businesses and ultimately, show appriciation to everyone for playing their part during such difficult circumstances.
There were markets, beach gatherings, parades, live music and more! We really enjoyed visiting places we wouldn’t usually visit as a family and the weather was lovely too!

Selling Sunset

I know, I know, EVERYONE has watched this embarrassingly addictive Netflix series. If you haven’t, where have you been?!
Imagine a group of very ‘well kept’ women selling multi-million dollar houses in LA… throw in a few weddings, a very cut throat working environment, huge elements of competition and a whole lot of money, and Voila= Selling Sunset!
The houses on this show are out of this world! Something I could have only dreamt of making on The Sims when I was younger, and even then I couldn’t have pictured some of the grand designs that feature on this show! Watch it, even if it’s just to see the insane houses some people buy!


I can’t believe more than 500 people follow my little space on the internet! It may not seem like a large amount to many, but it is many more than I thought would be interested in my random thoughts and day to day happenings!
I get so much enjoyment out of both my blog and my Instgram. It’s great to have a space for myself, for me, not ‘Harry’s mummy’, or ‘Miss Rutter’, me. I love sharing ideas, learning from others and talking to new people, it’s a very rewarding process and community to be a part of.


And just like that, Summer 2020 is over! September means back to work, all our children are back to school, and the whipsers of Christmas begin! So September, let’s be havin’ yeah!

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