What we’ve been watching

Like many, we have watched a few new series over the last couple of months- being stuck indoors will do that to you I guess? We have watched quite a mix of genres looking back, but predominately crime lated stuff- no surprises there! Here are a few examples of what we have watched…

The Night Stalker

A series of murders, rapes, kidnappings and more, baffle police until two officers begin connecting the crimes and unearth nothing short of a monster. It’s hard to believe people like this exist in the world- a harrowing story, gripping to watch- in the least warped sounding way?

The Queen’s Gambit

This one surprised me! When I was told it was a series that follows the life of a lady chess player, I wasn’t gripped at all. In fact, I put off watching it until colleagues were talking about it at work and we were looking for something new. We did the whole, ‘there’s not much else to watch, I suppose we could just watch the first episode?’ kinda thing.
Well we were wrong! This unusually interesting series is great watch! Anya Taylor-Joy is a brilliant actress, I first saw her in the movie ‘Split’- great film by the way, and she’s equally as good in ‘The Queen’s Gambit’.

The Bay

‘The Bay’ is a Morecambe-based crime drama where a female police officer is drawn into the search for teenage twins who have gone missing in the coastal town, she soon realises that she has a personal connection to the case. Simply put, it wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t amazing.


Well let’s be honest, if you have a TV and Netflix, it’s highly likely that you’ve watched ‘Bridgerton’. This was another series I had heard so much about but had little interest in watching- period dramas are not my thing. Similar to ‘The Queen’s Gambit’, we reluctantly watched the first episode and thoroughly enjoyed it- I can’t wait for the next series!

The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

Another baffling, hard to believe ‘true crime documentary’ about a hotel famous for its crime, Los Angeles’ notorious Cecil Hotel grows in infamy throughout this documentary after the disappearance of guest Elisa Lam. Another very sad and intriguing story that has gripped many.

24 Hours in A+E

Our guilty pleasure! I don’t know why we enjoy this programme so much? People are often in pain or experiencing what they deem to be ‘one of the worst days of their lives’… but I find it so interesting! Maybe it’s because you learn so much? Or maybe its being able to laugh with those who make silly mistakes and find themselves in A&E? Either way I really enjoy it!

The Ted Bundy Tapes

So as I am about to start typing about the infamous Theodore Bundy, I’ve found myself sat thinking ‘God I really hope it’s fairly ‘normal’ to watch this many crime documentaries?’ It is, isn’t it? I mean there are so many to watch due to demand surely? I hope!
Regardless, I did find myself fascinated by this tell all documentary about ‘Ted Bundy’-one of America’s most notorious serial killers. If you have, or plan on watching this, I am sure you will agree, What an evil, evil man!

Best Home Cook

Moving on, to prove I’m not a creepy serial killer weirdo, ‘Celebrity Best Home Cook’. It’s no ‘Master Chef Australia’- oh how I miss that show, but it does kinda fill the void for the time being. I have just started watching the celebrity version of this, this week, it has Ferne McCann on it, another guilty pleasure.

Please do leave a comment if you have any recommendations of what we should watch next, we are always on the look out!

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