Nom-Nom Kids Reusable bags

‘Small Acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world’

If I was to sit here and say that I live a sustainable lifestyle, I wouldn’t be telling the truth… Heck if I was to say I try my best to make an effort to live more sustainably, I don’t think that would be truthful either! Well this is my attempt, my ‘small act’. This is me trying to ‘play my part’ in a way that is manageable to us- reusable plastic bags from Nom-Nom Kids.

So, why did I chose reusable plastic bags? Truth is, I found myself buying disposable snack bags from Tesco every time I did a big shop. Every lunch I packed for nursery, had 3 or 4 snack bags in… I basically saw how many little bags I was throwing away daily and thought there must be a more sustainable option- both economically and financially! Then I stumbled across these cute little monsters on Instagram!

These reusable food pouches are perfect for homemade anything- purees, smoothies, yogurts, sandwiches, snacks and more. Most importantly, they can be enjoyed time and time again- Winning!! 

Aside from the obvious use of storing food, we use our pouches in many other ways too;
> Whilst out and about, we put rubbish, fruit peels and skins in our bags to take home
> We take crayons to restaurants in them
> I pop my sunglasses in a bag to avoid them scratching in my handbag
The list goes on…

My only reservation before buying these reusable pouches was-‘Is it going to be a faff cleaning them everyday?’ Honestly, not at all! They can be hand washed or popped into the top shelf of the dishwasher- I have tried both without a problem. I personally choose to hand wash ours to ensure they are dry and ready to be used more quickly.

Since buying our pouches, Nom Nom have released more exciting items! I suspect we will be making another order soon!

Photo credits- Nom Nom Kids & Mummy Teacher Blogger

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