What I’ve been loving this month!

Being gone for so long, it only seems right to write a new ‘what I’ve been loving post’ right? I honestly feel like I could make a list as long as my arm for this post, and I don’t know if that’s because I am feeling super grateful to be out of Lockdown 2.0 and loving life, or if it’s because I haven’t posted on here in so long…? Either way, here goes!

Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser

This little futuristic gem, is by far the most loved piece of kit in our kitchen at the minute. So much so, I honestly think I have ruined drinking hot chocolate out and about forever! Those who may know me, know that I don’t drink tea or coffee- a teacher who doesn’t like tea or coffee? Weird I know! This little guy has definitely filled the void.
Simply put, its an ‘In-home hot chocolate system’ created by Hotel Chocolat, it makes THE SMOOTHEST, TASTIEST hot chocolate known to man- I said it, and I meant it! Go get one!

Being back at work

Some people may read this and think… ‘Pfffttt yeah right! Why would you want to be back at work when you’ve had all this time off at home teaching‘… Well I hate to burst people’s bubbles *that’s a big fat lie, as these comments boil my blood*, but I am SO HAPPY to be back at work, with my class, doing what we do best!
My word, lockdown 2.0 was KILLER! Distance learning levelled up and days were super long and super hard! Our learning was done via Microsoft Teams- Thank you Teams, Love Yah! It was a huge contrast to the first lockdown- all lessons were updated daily, some sessions were live, we pre-recorded daily update videos for the children (side note, I am no ‘YouTuber’ that’s for sure!), instant feedback was given… the list could go on. It was tough!
Don’t get me wrong, lockdown 2.0 was tough for everyone! Teachers, Heads, Parents, Carers, the children! EVERYONE. Teaching at home with a two year old was so much harder than I thought it would be. It felt like you couldn’t do your best as a teacher or as a parent due to the needs and demands of the other. I often laughed at myself, thinking my days could actually be made into a comedy tv show!
Picture this… getting up super early to try and ‘get ahead’- lessons are scheduled, breakfast is prepared, daily video uploaded, I’m dressed- this didn’t always happen btw, I’m not super woman! Everything ‘ready’ at 8:00am. >>>>> Fast forward to 8:23am… half eaten breakfast dishes piled on the side, flour and play dough everywhere, 2 year old demanding attention- trying to press all the buttons on my laptop, students asking questions about their learning, colleagues video calling on teams to talk about ‘system errors’- complete chaos… in 23 minutes! That describes a microscopic glimpse into what ‘all my time off at home’ looked like.
So yeah, getting back into our ‘normal routine’ was a bloody god send! And I honestly feel like a better teacher and parent for it! I am really enjoying work, making the most of the little time I get with my family and really enjoying living life again- as corny as it sounds!

Lockdown Parenting Hell- Podcast

Honestly, I have cry laughed at the podcast multiple times! I haven’t necessarily been huge fans of Josh or Rob as comedians, not to say they aren’t funny, they just haven’t been at the forefront of anything I have engaged with, except ‘Task Master’- which I LOVED! But my word, this podcast is FUNNY! If you are a parent, live or work with toddlers, you need to listen to this podcast, it’s hilarious!

True Crime

Once again, what comes alongside a lockdown? Binge watching TV series of course! How would we have coped 10 years ago during a lockdown without Netflix or Amazon Prime? I will be uploading a ‘What we’ve been watching’ shortly. Not going to lie though… we’re struggling for things to watch now!

Mini Eggs!

I could lie and say it’s because it’s nearly Easter that my love for Cadbury’s Mini Eggs has grown… but really, if I could eat Mini Eggs all year round, I absolutely would! I am yet to meet a single person who doesn’t love these little guys.

Fitness +

Yes it is still Shelley typing! I know, fitness? Really? Well let me tell you, I have been working out using Fitness+ for 5 weeks now, 6 days a week and I am feeling good! Well, feeling good for the most part, damn my legs ache too! They say it gets easier… we’ll see!

The Snow!

We have lived in this house for 5 years and haven’t had snow once! There have been flurries across the island every now and then, but it never sticks. So getting snow last week was SUPER EXCITING! It was really lovely to play in the snow and build as snowman as a family- even if poor ‘Jack Frost’ didn’t last 24 hours!

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