Cereal Dig!

‘Time spent playing as a child is never wasted’

Cereal Dig

Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Engagement: 45 minutes!
Clean up: 10 minutes
Waste: None!


2 cups Rolled oats
2 cups Cornflakes
1 cup Readybrek
2 Weetabix

First on our ‘Summer Bucket’ List was some cereal fun! I had originally planned to do this activity using plain flour, but since I already had a bag of mixed cereals saved from a previous activity, I thought it would be best to use what I already had.

This activity was extremely easy to set up- place cereals & vehicles on the tray and let the fun commence!

Harry spent AGES filling his trucks with handfuls of cereal, then emptying them, again and again, over and over! He loved the different mechanisms on each vehicle, exploring what they did and how they could carry/hold the cereal.

Benefits of this activity

  • Language development;
    * Naming the vehicles
    * Discussing their colours
    * Talking about filling and empting
    * Immitating vehicle noises
    * Counting
  • Cognitive Skills;
    * Problem solving
    * Trial and error
  • Social & Emotional Skills;
    * Time to focus on a skill
    * A period of calm
  • Creative Development;
    * Child led
    * Children are in control of the outcomes of the activity
    * Allows for use of imagination and creativity
  • Motor Skills
    * Fine motor skill development- picking up induvidual pieces of cereal
    * Gross motor skills- Manoeuvring the vehicles as desired
    * Developement of co-ordination and strength

Clean up

Cleaning up was super quick and easy; I used a dust pan and brush to collect the cereal into a sandwich bag for future use, I used the stick hoover to hoover bits off the tray and the floor, I dusted the vehicles down with a brush and Bob’s your uncle- DONE!


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