Summer Bucket List- Toddler Edition

‘Raising children is an adventure, make it one to remember!’

Sitting down to write this ‘Summer Bucket List’ and it has dawned on me… I have spent SOOO much of my time over past summers, in the classroom! Having a toddler this year will be very different to say the least.

We had a lot of fun over ‘Lockdown’, it wasn’t all fun don’t get me wrong, but I do feel like we made the most of our time. My aim is to do the same over summer!

Here are a few things I plan on doing with Harry….

DIY Chalks

These look so cool! Harry is beginning to show more interest in mark making and crafty things-YAY, so I’m sure these will be a hit! I hope to use this link when making our chalks, let the paint see the patio 😉

Bath Paints

Another variation on painting, I have seen this online a few times and have been saving it for a rainy day at home. You can make these ‘edible bath paints’ in a few different ways, but I hope to follow this lovely blog page.

Edible Play Dough

Harry loves playing with playdough at home, and this stuff looks like great fun! It supposedly smells amazing and is taste friendly, I am intrigued… I plan to use this method from the lovely ‘Kimspired‘ blog page if you’d like to have a go yourself.

Bubble Foam

Bubble foam is something we have used in the garden over lockdown- I actually have a video of us putting Harry down the garden slide through bubble foam… it makes me cry laugh every time I watch it, his face is a picture! Safe to say, Harry did not appriciate it AT ALL!
Slide aside, Harry really enjoyed playing with the foam. I used baby shampoo and an electric whisk to make ours, at the time I didn’t put any colouring in. Next time I think i’ll add the colour to make it a bit more fun!
These lovely pictures are from ‘The pretty life girls’ blog page- they have a clear step by step method to make bubble foam too.

Flour Trucks

I saw this idea on the ‘Busy Toddler‘ blog page. This is something I am positive Harry will thoroughly enjoy! I have bought a couple of cheap trucks ready, we are just waiting on our new Tufftray to arrive!

Jelly Dig

I have seen this idea a few times on a couple of Instagram and blog pages. I also used the same idea with letters and numbers many years ago for a nursery job interview- the children loved it and I am positive Harry will too! I plan to bury some small dinosaurs for Harry, similar to the ‘imagination tree’s frogs in jelly’ above.


I love baking. I’m learning more, the more I try and Harry often shows great interest in what I am doing- well mostly what’s in the mixer! I hope to get Harry involved more over the summer, how- I’m not sure, but I aim to try and be a little more relaxed and let him have a go himself….
**Not everything has to be perfect Shelley **

There are many other fun things I hope to do with Harry over the summer, but these are what I aim to do first… watch this space!

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