Oh My Lush!

When in doubt, take a bath!

If you know me well, you will know that in close second to ice cream, comes a long, hot Lush bath and an episode of a good Netflix series!

I have been buying Lush products for many years now, I LOVE them. Their smell, how super soft they make your skin and hair, their unique appeareance- everything!

Generally speaking, I love all the fruity and colourful items, and hate anything ‘Christmas smelling’- cinnamon, nuts, ginger etc, or anything glittery- they’re not for me at all!

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are my favourite of all the Lush products, like all things Lush, they smell DEVINE, come in all shapes, sizes, and colours- not to mention they are great fun to drop in the bath and watch dispel!

My Favourites

Bath oils

If you crave soft skin and want to really treat yourself, you need to climb into a bath with a ‘luxurious and indulgent’ bath oil.

My Favourites

Bubble Bars

Lush’s lure for a bubble bar- ‘Hop into a hot bubble bath with one of these naked, self-preserving bars and soak away your worries. There’s no place like foam’. Need I say more?

My Favourites

Recent Delivery

This is my most recent order, I picked all new items to try- 3 bombs, a large bubble bar (I get around 3 generous uses out of this size), and two bath oils. Hopefully I find a new favourite!

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