July’s Monthly ‘Must haves’

It only feels like last week I had posted last month’s ‘must haves’, how is it nearly August already?! Hmmmm what ‘must’ I have this coming month…?

Little Fires Everywhere

After seeing a sneak peak during Gogglebox a couple of weeks ago, and listening to a few colleagues talking about it at work, I am determinded to watch/read ‘Little Fires Everywhere’.
I’d love to read the novel, but I think time may slip by, or patience will get the better of me and i’ll end up just watching the series first. Either way I am looking forward to it!


There is no secret in saying I am a HUGE Gelatory fan… infact I would be a tad embarressed to admit how much we have visited since it re-opened after lockdown.
They change their flavours daily, make everything by hand in their store, support local companies selling their products as well as their own, and EVERYTHING tastes DELICIOUS! I will definitely continue to visit throughout August, there’s no doubt about it- sorry jeans!


Now it’s summer, I will have a little more time on my hands to enjoy researching and making different meals and I cannot wait! I really enjoy cooking, when it’s not a rush and I have an idea of what to make, I really enjoy the whole process- especially when others enjoy it too!
First on my list are a few ‘fake away’ recipes I have found on Pinterest;
* Chicken Jalfrazi
* KFC Zinger burgers
* Pull Apart Garlic Bread
* Sticky Hoisen Chicken
* Salt & Pepper chips
I’m sure I will share any successful meals on here or my Instagram in the near future.

A New Park

We have visited our fair share of parks over the last month or so, Harry loves running around and exploring as much of a space as he can and I like to let him mix with other children as much as we can too.
I hope to find a few new ‘hidden gems’ over the summer holidays. The first on my list is Athol Park in Port Erin- I saw this lovely park shared online this morning, so I have made a note of where it is to visit soon.

A New Coat

I really need a new coat before winter arrives… you’re probably thinking it’s the start of the summer holidays Shelley… But I’ve needed a new coat since my last birthday (November), and it turns out I am really fussy!
I like the 3 above so maybe i’ll get around to treating myself before the colder weather hits?

Home decor

I have been saying for the last… 3 years or so that I need to ‘buy nice bits’ to make our house feel more homely. The busy life of a teacher and a little boy later and I still haven’t gotten around to doing this!
Over the next few weeks I hope to buy some shelves for our livingroom to pop some nice dangly plants/candles etc on and I want to find some nice prints for our downstairs loo, utility room and entrance/hallway space. The images above are the sort of ‘vibe’ i’m going for.

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