Cheat’s Steak Pies

‘Cut my pie into four pieces, I don’t think I could eat eight’ Yogi Berra’

Steak pie and mash is a definite comfort food in our house. Feeling ‘Meh’? Is it cold and rainy outside? Or are you just starving hungry? Pie, mash and mushy peas…? YES PLEASE!

I am quite fussy when it comes to eating ready-made pies, I dreading fatty bits, nasty gravy or tough meat, so I always make our own. Now I say ‘make’ our own, there’s a reason this post is named ‘Cheat’s Pie’… admittedly, I simply buy all the elements and piece them together, no real hard work goes into these yummy pies. You can whipp them up, bake them and enjoy them within an hour easy!


1 Tin M&S chunky steak and gravy
1 block of ‘Jus Rol’ puff pastry
1 egg
50ml milk


  1. Flour surface

2. Roll pastry to roughly 5mm thick

3. Trace around a pie tin to cut out lining of each pie- repeat for each pie twice (1 for the pie base and 1 for the pie lid)

4. Line pie tins and press over the tin edges

5. Add chunky steak filling and egg wash all pastry edges

6. Crimp edges using a fork to seal each pie

7. Add decals (optional) and egg wash across the top of each pie

8. Bake at 180 degrees for 35 minutes and enjoy!

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