Things that made July great!

It’s safe to say July has been a much more enjoyable month than recent months!

There have been many things to be grateful of this month, mainly things I would consider to be ‘the simple things in life’ after being stuck inside for so long. Here are just a few that spring to mind…

Home of rest for old horses

This month we had our first visit to the ‘Home of rest for old horses’ and it was lovely- for the most part, if you ignore a few tantrums!
This home is a sanctuary for elderly horses, retired Horse Trams leaders, ponies and donkeys. It is volunteer-run and supported entirely by donations and contributions.
Harry showed no fear around any of the animals at all, his hands went straight in his feed bucket to feed the animals and straight into their mouths- I was a nervous wreck!

Celebrity Gogglebox

I bloody love this show! There’s something about watching other people watch tv- especially the same shows I do, that I find hilarious! I enjoy regular Gogglebox as well as the celebrity edition, they had great celebs on this season and i’ve laughed the whole way through. Roll on September when it’s back!

Master Chef Australia Final

I feel like we’ve been watching this series forever. We were really happy with who the three finalists were and even more happy that Emelia Jackson won! A very worthy winner.

Egg Ladder Success

We started the Egg Ladder nearly a month ago and it has been going really well. Harry has cleared Step one- baked egg in flour matrix, and we are now moving on to Step 2- baked egg in other foods.
Step two is going to be difficult with our fussy fellow, not because of the egg I don’t think, more because he is reluctant to eat new foods. Fingers crossed it will be easier than I anticipate it to be.

Wildlife Park

Last week I organised to take my class to our local WLP to support our learning about the rainforest. I have done this trip with two other classes over the years, but last week was on another level!
We had a lovely guide throughout the day, she gave us a tour in the morning and a seminar with various animals in the afternoon- and WOW did this lady know her stuff! She poured knowledge and expertise and both the adults and the children thoroughly enjoyed the day!

Doorstep Toast!

Now it’s really hard to see from the pictures I took, but I finally found some Ramsey Bakery Doorstep toast after hunting for quite some time. Naturally after making such a discovery, it only seemed right to make a nice breakfast!
I hate beans, so I used up some spaghetti Harry had left over…. I was not a fan! They seemed very squishy and tasteless- Yack!
Are you a spaghetti lover or a beans lover?

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