Things that made June great!

Lockdown lifted

The most obvious thing to make the month of June great! Health, Freedom, Adventure- What could be better? I am still forever grateful that we are in this postition, reading about other countries and their struggles really does give you a strong sense of appriciation for how well our little island has done. Here’s hoping this awful virus is behind everyone soon.


I hold my hands up, I am a self-confessed Instagram addict. If Harry is sleeping, I am either on Insta or here! I obviously do all my boring ‘adulting’ first- ok maybe not ALL, but most!
I am really enjoying exploring all the weaning and parenting accounts, I am learning so much, it’s great! Now to get Harry to enjoy my findings…

Meeting my new class

This school year couldn’t have been further from what we had planned in September. There were so many ‘changes’ for me to adapt to this year; coming back from maternity leave, going part-time, sharing a class with another colleague, catching up on what I had missed- whilst trying to remember the role I once played.
With everything that has happened over the last few months, I feel like I have blinked and found myself stood infront of 28 (only 28- what a luxury) new smiling faces!
We had a great ‘Move up morning’ creating ‘ABSTRACT SELF-PORTRAITS‘. A colleague found this lovely idea on the great ‘Art with Mrs Filmore’ blog page. The children loved it and the pieces look brilliant as a collective- We are going to display them in our classroom corridoor over summer for them to come back to in September!

The Three Amigoes

We FINALLY got ourselves out, and childfree! I don’t know about anyone else, but being without friends and fellow mums during lockdown was HARD! These two have been stuck with me since primary school, over 23 years! Early childhood, the drama filled teenage years, university and motherhood- together we’ve seen it all!
Last week we had a much needed catch up over a glass of gin and some YUMMY food at a local steak house-‘Meating’. The food was lovely and the company wasn’t bad either 😉 We cry laughed trying to a photo together, you know… to prove we had actually gone out somewhere! Now to spend the next 92347298374 days trying to find a time we’re all free and decide on where to go next!

Parks and Puddles

Noble’s Park

We’ve visted Noble’s Park quite a lot recently, it’s such a great spot for children of all ages! Harry loves their ‘Tot lot’- infant park, it is really quite big and there is a lot of space to run about. There’s a cafe right in the middle of both the infant park and the juniour park- very convenient, there’s a splash park, BMX track, mini maze and a huge football field. A great place to be on a sunny day!

Peel Arboretum

We have also visited our local Arboretum several times to feed the ducks, walk about the grounds and enjoy the little play area. Tynwald National Park & Arboretum is a lovely little spot to spend an hour with the little ones- there’s usually rather large puddles in the carpark that the children can’t resist too!

What will the month of July offer I wonder?

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