We often caught ourselves wondering when this day would come. How would it feel? What would be the first thing we do? Where would we go? It felt like a life time away, yet here we are. It has been such a scary and turbulent time, and it seems here on our little island we can finally have hope.

Today as I type this, we are on day 30 of no new Corona Virus cases- NONE, ZERO, NA-DA! I cannot believe it. After 5867 tests, 330+ confirmed cases, and sadly 24 lives lost, we are no longer in ‘lockdown’ and our lives are beginning to resemble what they once were.

Don’t get me wrong, Lockdown wasn’t immediately lifted, limitations were slowly relaxed. Initally we were able to meet in small groups outdoors, small groups of people were able to visit your garden, then we could have 2 people from one household visit inside your home and then larger groups could meet outside, and so on…

Fast forward to now- we can visit other households as we please, schools are set to re-open next Monday (YAY!) and non essential shops and services are now open! There are however some restrictions still in place, we have an island wide speed limit of 60mph, swimming pools, cinemas and theatres are still closed, and PPE must still be worn in care homes, doctors surgeries and at the hospital. Most shops continue to provide hand sanitiser throughout- something I hope becomes the ‘norm’.

So how has life changed for us?

We have been out everyday!

We have; visited family, met with friends, been to MANY parks, and done food shopping in places other than our local shop, like M&S- what a luxury this is! We have had a few BBQs, been to the local Wild Life Park, and to B&Q to buy gardening supplies- Whoop! We have also eaten in a cafe and Harry had his first chippy tea- It’s the little things in life it seems.

Lockdown being lifted has also meant it’s back to work for Mummy and back to nursery for Haz- something I was really worried about for many reasons.
Above all, the change that has had most impact on our household has been how well Harry has settled back in to nursery. Nursery has been a long and upsetting road for us so far and being told Harry has enjoyed his time and settled really well- I can’t explain the weight that has been lifted, I cried happy tears!

I am looking forward to getting back to work and enjoying everything I can before summer arrives!

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