Breakfast Ideas for little ones

If you had asked me what the hardest part of my day was 10 months ago, I would have said breakfast time.
It saddens me to say that Harry is quite the fussy eater- he never used to be! Fussy eating along with an egg allergy makes breakfast times especially difficult- everything has egg hidden in it! So after a little reading online and experimenting in the kitchen, I began to find new things Harry would eat, and now breakfast is the easiest meal of the day by far!

Here are some of the things Harry enjoys…

Egg-free Pancakes

I have written a blog post on the egg-free pancake recipe I use- very quick and easy! Initially I stuck to simple banana pancakes and then I started to adapt the recipe by adding different fruits and chocolate chips as a treat every now and then!
I usually pair pancakes with fruit and yoghurt to get as much goodness in him as I can.

Egg-free breakfast muffins

You can find my ‘Egg-free Breakfast Muffin’ recipe on a previous post- again, super simple and easy to do! Harry devours these everytime they’re offered! I have only tried Banana and Strawberry so far, I’m thinking of trying some raspberry and white chocolate chip ones next.


I use Warburton’s crumpets as they are egg-free and yummy! These are particularly good for those rushed mornings when your little one is desperately hungry or days where you forgot to get something out of the freezer the night before- I do this all the time!


Messy- this stuff sticks like cement, but a firm favourite in our house. I warm Harry’s weetabix, mix it thoroughly and top with what ever fruit I have in at the time.
Once we are able to get Harry’s egg allergy tested again, and we hopefully get the all clear, there’s a Weetabix breakfast muffin recipe I really want to try!


Harry really enjoys his porridge, and this is something I am really grateful of as it’s a great way to get goodness into him! Sometimes we use Readybrek, sometimes we use rolled oats, sometimes I mix the two!

I like to add things like Flax seed, Chia seeds and desiccated coconut to Harry’s porridge, as they again add more nutrition!

Our Set up

We started our weaning journey with an Aldi basic white highchair- almost identical to the much loved Ikea Antilope. We switched to the above Aldi highchair, as I liked the 360 spin feature…. I love that I can spin Harry easily, and I do use this feature A LOT, but this chair is SO HEAVY and doesnt lower like I had thought when I purchased it. I would love a Stokke Tripp Trapp but I feel it’s a little late in the game to be spending that much oney on a highchair now… You live and you learn!


I LOVE these plates, the suction is amazing on them, they’re very high quality, they wash well and look really cute. They could be considered ‘pricey’ but they’re worth the money in my opinion. I have no real complaints about this brand, other than you can’t dishwash them- not the end of the world! We have all the above, and three of the bowls between our house and Nana’s- highly reccommend them!

Dr Brown’s Staw Cup

Similarly to the BambooBamboo table ware, I really rate Dr Brown’s Straw cup. Harry drinks from this with ease, the dangly straw inside means it doesn’t matter how the cup is held, the water can still be drawn up the straw, and it doesn’t leak-WINNER!
My only minor negative with this cup is, a couple of them have broken when they have fallen from the highchair tray- Yes ‘a couple’, we have had a few of these cups because we really do rate them!


I first spotted these on a few Instagram weaning pages and wondered what the hype was… I ordered these when Harry was younger than he is now and they’ve been great. We don’t use the spoons so much now Harry is bigger but the cups are great, the rubber grip around the outside really helps your little one hold them steady- I only wish they did bigger ones!

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