Outdoor activities with a toddler

I don’t know if it’s a boy thing, or a toddler thing, but Harry LOVES being outdoors! It doesn’t matter where we are, what we’re doing, or who we’re with, he is happiest outside!

Here are a few things we have been up to outside over the last 10 weeks;


These little guys are so much fun! I must admit, when they first arrived in the post, I thought I had ordered the wrong thing as they are MINISCULE! Soak them in water for a few hours and they turn into an ace sensory experience!


Oobleck- messy, messy, messy, but SO much fun! I have posted the recipe to this oobleck in a previous blog post- super easy to make! I was a little nervous about the clean up for this one but it was a lot easier than I thought and Harry’s clothes came out like new too!

Garden Toys

Pretty self explanatory really, I am SO thankful of our garden space over recent weeks. Harry plays with all of the above almost everyday.

Water play

A dish bowl full of water, paddling pool, water table, bucket, a muddy puddle … it doesn’t seem to matter, Harry enjoys it. In warmer weather Harry will play in the paddling pool for hours!

Glen walks

My new favourite thing to do as a family. Since buying our Littlelife Backpack-Carrier we have been able to visit so many beautiful new places on the island, some more challenging to get to than others.


Harry likes to copy Daddy when he is weeding the garden, he carries his little bucket around collecting the weeds as he goes. Gardening is something we are keen to do more of with Harry over the summer, we are hoping to make our own raised planters to start a veg patch soon!

The beach

Whether he is in his puddle suit, or shorts and a T-shirt, the beach is without doubt Harry’s favourite place to go! We’re very lucky to live within walking distance of one of the island’s most beautiful beaches. Harry loves to just run as far as he can, explore all the rocks and seaweed, and of course play in the water! The beach makes parenting a little easier for an hour and we love it!


A great one for hot weather! I often just add normal ice cubes to Harry’s water tray and let him play with them, however recently I saw people freezing things for their little ones to discover so we had a go! I picked some plants on one of our glen walks and covered them with boiled water (they freeze clearer/less cloudy) and froze them! Harry Really enjoyed this, so much so, I have made more with fruit inside, they’re waiting for a nice day in the freezer.


Another self explanatory one. We used to use a Tufftray to allow Harry to play with sand outside, last week Nana bought him a sand pit to use instead- nostalgic for me as I had the same one when I was little and have fond memories using it too!

Here’s hoping for some more lovely weather soon so we can get out and about as much as possible!

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