5 things I am grateful for since lockdown

Like most, lockdown has offered me a lot of time to reflect. Reflect upon life, choices, friendships, hopes, dreams and more- cheesy I know, but true.

Here are 5 things lockdown has made me feel truely grateful for…

The health of my family and friends

An obvious one to many would be to be grateful for my health and the health of others. The health of those I love hasn’t been plain sailing, even before lockdown. I myself, haven’t had a clear bill of health throughout my life either, but there’s nothing like a world pandemic to put things into perspective! Yes we may not have had it ‘easy’, but we are fit and healthy now and for that, I am extremely grateful.


I wont try to list all of our vital keyworkers as I wouldn’t like to miss anyone. I am immensely grateful to all of the dedicated and selfless people that have continued to work throughout these scary times, my mum being one of them! Without the efforts made by the various different keyworks, the world would be a lot scarier place.

Beautiful weather

We have been so incredibly lucky with the weather since lockdown has happened. I can count on one hand the number of days we’ve had to stay inside- and for the Isle of Man, this is unheard of! Its been lovely getting out and about when we’ve been able to and making the most of our local beaches and glens.


With Niall working from home and working shifts at our school hub myself, it has meant we have had more time as a family and it’s been great! Niall and Harry have both loved having more time together and I know we will all be sad when things go back to ‘normal’. It’s been great having the extra pair of hands to help at home and I just LOVE seeing Harry’s little face light up each time daddy nips down for a drink. I think we will be making the most of our weekends once we’re back in our normal rountine.


The best thing to come out of this awful pandemic is the ability to spend so much time with our little boy. Harry is at an age where he is learning so much every day, and being able to enjoy all of his new experiences has been something I definitely won’t forget. I am so glad I have documented so much during this time, it will be a hard adjustment getting back into nursery and working again, and I am really going to miss the time with Harry, that’s for sure.

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