Monthly ‘must haves’

Now when I say ‘must haves’ I use the word ‘must’ very lightly- Basically things I would really like if I was to spoil myself.


Is there anything better than a deep, hot bath with a lush bath bomb and an episode of a good series? I am in desperate need of a Lush haul, I have none left!

Black leggings

A more basic ‘must have’ but something I really do need- holes arent a good look!


This will be one of the first things I purchase after payday, may even treat myself to a bottle of ‘Ye old faithful’ Estee Lauder Double Wear!


I would LOVE this for work! One of the drawbacks of being a teacher is the amount you take home- its heavy and its work you aren’t paid for. What would make this easier you ask? A pretty wheelie bag of course!!

iPhone 11 Pro

A goal for me is to improve on my photography and imagry on Instagram and here, this phone has a great camera, and a rather large price tag! We can dream right?

New Kicks

Mine current pair are, shall we say, very ‘much loved’- AKA battered and i’d love some fresh new ones!


So i’ve been loving having flowers in the house over lockdown and a friend of mine recently shared a post of some beautiful peonies and now i’m on the hunt!

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