What we’ve been watching during Lockdown

With so much extra time at home lately, who isn’t binge watching multiple TV series? If i’m being honest, we were guilty of this way before Lockdown came about, we love a good series in this house! Here are a few we’ve watched over the last couple of weeks…

Tiger King- Murder, Mayhem and Madness

Lets get the obvious one out of the way first, everyone and their dog has watched this Netflix series. One of the most obscure documentaries I have ever seen, EVER!


Comedians competing to win an ugly golden trophy and bragging rights, by completing various near impossible tasks… HILARIOUS. We have belly laughed our way through all 9 seasons of this series!

Master Chef Australia

We love this show! SO much better than the UK & US versions in my opinion and 99% of the food they make I wouldn’t eat but we enjoy watching it nonetheless.

Line of Duty

This BBC One series focuses on anti-corruption and catching ‘bent’ police officiers. I love anything crime related- books, films, TV series etc, and this did not disappoint.

The Act

Based on shocking true events, this series relives how a mother with munchausen syndrome makes her daughter believe she is extremely ill. Growing up the daughter begins to realise things aren’t quite right and things take a dramatic turn. Not the best series I have ever seen but a good watch.

The Challenge

I bloody LOVE this show! I honestly don’t know what it is about this series that makes me love it so much but I do. Basically, random people off trashy tv shows like; Geordie Shore, Big Brother and The island, all fight to win a huge sum of money by completing various challenges. TV GOLD!

Too Hot to Handle

I’ll be the first to admit that I enjoy trashy TV, but this one wasn’t my fav. I can see why it may appeal to others, but it surprisingly wasn’t for me.

Defending Jacob

An American crime drama that tells the story of a young school boy’s murder and the hunt to find his killer. We’re yet to finish this series, as it’s a weekly release- so annoying! Annoying, but so far a great watch!

Dead to Me

An American ‘black comedy’ about two unlikely friends who meet at a ‘grief support group’. They hit it off immediately and offer one another support … accept one has a HUGE secret. Again I haven’t finished this one yet but so far so good!

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