Keeping busy

One positive about the current ‘situation’ is that I have got to spend everyday with Harry. This is something i’ll treasure and look back on fondly. When everything is back to ‘normal’ and I suddenly wonder where the time has gone and how big he’s gotten, I will appriciate this time. Even over the last couple of weeks he seems to have grown up so much. He’s turning into such a character- a head strong one at that!

A definite highlight of each day has been to get out and about. Harry adores being outside. He just loves exploring the outdoors, our local beaches, neighbourhood, trips in the car, anywhere he can run around and do as he pleases really.

Although I don’t think this pandemic is affecting Harry currently, I do worry about his social skills and when it finally comes time to spend a day without Mummy or Daddy.

Either way, we’ve made lots of great memories.

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