Feeling hot, hot, hot

Yesterday was absolutely GLORIOUS! It definitely felt like the hottest day on the island, this year, so far. We had the bi-fold doors open, toys in the garden, sun hats on, suncream, the lot!

We spent the morning pottering about the house as usual, went for a walk with Harry on his trike and wandered about town judging which shop had the shortest queue- Lockdown problems!

After a quick nap (well one that took 45 mins to commense!) and lunch, we set off to enjoy the sun and find a new place to explore. Initially we drove to The Raggett- following a friend’s recommendation, it was HEAVING! So we carried on driving and found ourselves at a local plantation- Archallagan.

This is very much a tale of two halves… Everything was fine to start off with, we all happily wandering around, enjoyed the scenery and randomly picked which trail we would go next. Not long after arriving, I made the mistake of letting go of Harry’s hand *Face palm*. He was bloody insistent on trying to climb into every prickly hedge and bush and launch himself down all the steep dangerous edges he could find- is this a boy thing? Please tell me it’s a boy thing?! He basically wasn’t safe roaming alone but wasn’t happy to hold my hand after being given a taste of freedom- Whoops! Anyway after several huge meltdowns and many failed attempts to distract him, we managed to find ‘the right stick’ and everything was ‘Hunky Dory’ again! PHEW!

The plantations are truely stunning, and extremely underrated in my opinion. They weren’t typically places I would have suggested going to or thought about visiting myself, I think after today’s I will be making an effort to visit more around the island- even after the meltdowns! We’re extremely lucky over here as our island has beautiful places scattered far and wide, it’s just a case of finding them, or even knowing about them in the first place!

After we had finished at the plantation- admittedly quicker than we had planned, we went to a local park on the way home for a ‘safer’ run around! There is no wonder Harry is so petite and slender, he does not stop! He loved it around here, as he could run freely, play in the gravel and climb until his heart’s content.

The weather forecast for the next week is looking good so hopefully we’ll find ourselves exploring somewhere new soon.

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