Loving this week

The Sinner

The Sinner is an American anthology crime drama- There are 3 seasons, I’ve watched the first 2 and now I am watching the latest season. It is SO addictive!

Babyzen Yo-yo2

We’ve had this buggy for about a month now and it’s so much easier to use! It’s dead light, lovely to push and folds quick and easy into a very compact size- WIN-WIN!

Playdough foam

Harry LOVES this stuff, he loves squishing it and stretching it. I must admit, as an adult it is very satisfying to play with too!


Now lockdown has offically been lifted over here, we can go swimming!! The littlies were a bit dubious to begin with, but they soon found their feet and LOVED it!


I have loved being back at work. Now that I know Harry is happy at nursery, I have been able to let myself enjoy being back at work again! It’s hard to explain how it feels to watch the children play together again, no distancing, no tape and masks- a lot of hand washing granted, but I don’t think that’s such a bad thing! I’ve enjoyed the routine, the break away from the house and the excitement of collecting Harry and seeing him again.


My new found love. Something I’d have screwed my face at in previous years, now however, a fruity gin with ice- PERFECTION!


I adore these podcasts! Giovanana is brillaint, her guests come from all different platforms within ‘the public eye’, they all speak very openly about parenthood and it’s great to listen to!
Stacey solomon- I LOVE HER. I vistit her instagram daily and her podcast is great! Sadly i’ve caught up with all the episodes on both and will be eagerly awaiting their latest uploads!

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