Books Harry Loves

I LOVE that Harry enjoys books so much. I don’t know if it’s the teacher in me, or that fact that it was only in my twenties that I found my true love for books. Every morning, without fail, Harry will take himself off to sit and enjoy a pile books by himself, and it melts my heart everytime I catch him sat alone flicking through the pages.

From a very young age we have encouraged books in our home. We read to Harry daily, visit our local family library and keep books both in Harry’s room, as well as downstairs, so he can access them when ever he likes.

Here are some of our favourites to date;

‘That’s not my_____’ Usbourne Collection

These were the first books Harry showed an interest in. These ‘touchy feely’ board books are great for a little ones senses, they are sturdy books with minimal text, and contain lots of different materials for little ones to explore. We collected nearly 30 of these books within Harry’s first year!

‘Touchy feely’ books

After seeing how much Harry enjoyed the ‘That’s not my’ books, we started gathering other books that contained ‘feely bits’ for him to enjoy. His favourites include ‘Never touch a_____‘ collection, ‘A feel-and-fit alphabet book‘ and ‘Funderpants!‘.

Interactive books

Like ‘feely’ books, other books that involve interation- like flap books, and those with noises, Harry really enjoys too. Books like; ‘Dear Zoo’, ‘Noisy ____‘, ‘Where’s Spot?‘ and ‘Where’s Mrs____‘ books.

Ten little_____‘ Collection

I have said ‘Harry loves’ a lot, but Harry truely LOVES these books- they may even be his favourites. I’m honestly not sure what it is that draws him to them, but he always brings them to us to read to him. We have the whole collection of these books, and have read them over and over!


There’s something about reading books from your childhood to your own children. Some of these classics were my childhood favourites- “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt‘, ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ & ‘Elmer‘. A long side these, are some ‘newer’ books I would also consider ‘classics’.

I’m going to find it hard to part with these books when Harry is older, hopefully his love of books continues, and I can continue to enjoy buying him books in the future.

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