5 things that made me happy last week

Times are tough at the moment, for everyone. People can’t visit their loved ones, can’t socialise with friends, or do simple day-to-day tasks without worry or stress. At times like these I think it’s important to stay positive- or at least try to. Here are five things that made me happy last week;

Visiting my hometown

Last week we travelled up to Ramsey to enjoy the sun as a family. Harry loves the beach, and hadn’t been on Ramsey beach before, there were no surprises to find he LOVED it!

Getting crafty

I love anything arty, I enjoy drawing and painting in particular. Harry on the other hand isn’t too interested- yet! I think the picture alone depicts how Harry felt about the arts and crafts last week…

Long walks

I say long walks… they were long for Harry! We really enjoyed walking around our seaside town in the sun last week. Harry loves wandering around new places, picking things up, running around, and we love watching him!

She’s pregnant!

A Youtuber I have subscribed to for a very long time has recently been sharing vlogs that document her struggles trying to concieve for the last 6 years. These vlogs have been very open and honest, as well as educational and absolutely gut wrenching. I have cried buckets watching each and every one of them, especially the most recent one that shows she is finally pregnant! I don’t know her personally but I am so, so happy for them both!

Image Source: Steven Perkins

YouTube: The Perkins


Food always makes me happy. I LOVE food. During lockdown we have been nailing what’s on the menu in our house! Last week we had Greek, Thai, Japanese, and American and they were all SO GOOD! I enjoy cooking and feel very Lucky Niall is such a good cook too!

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